The Verde Valley Wine Trail

The Verde Valley spans nearly 220 square miles in the northeastern region of Arizona and is ripe with more than forty varietals throughout the area of private lands near the Verde River. The Verde Valley is the newest region for winemaking in the state of Arizona with 19 commercial wineries, more than 136 acres of wine grapes, and over 25 tasting rooms, you can experience unique wines in their infancy in this modern American Viticultural Area. Don’t forget to download your passport to the Verde Valley Wine Trail!

Exploring The Sedona Native American Heritage

Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place with many diverse cultures and sights to see. Even though it’s often thought of as a decadent spa destination, there are still plenty of things to do and places to explore that will help you discover the native American heritage of this area.

A Guide to the Sedona Vortexes

Person standing on the red rocks of Sedona Arizona

Sedona, Arizona has been called “America’s New-Age Capital.” People often talk about Sedona’s energy, healing powers and vortexes, but are these energetic centers legit? Whether they are or not, we’ll explain all the details you need to know about Sedona’s fabled energy vortexes.

A Guide to the 10 Best Trails for Sedona Hiking

best trails for Sedona Hiking

Sedona is a hiker’s paradise with its stunning red rock landscapes and miles of hiking trails. The area offers something for everyone; from easy day hikes and family-friendly outdoor areas to spiritual treks and stargazing adventures. Sedona is a great place to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature.

Sedona Arizona’s Best Tours

Horseback riding in Sedona,AZ

Sedona is perfect for adventurers, health seekers, foodies, craft beer and wine fans, mountain bikers, hikers, and people who want just to relax and take in the breathtaking red rock views. For all you adventure seekers, here are a few of our favorite tours and day trips that will keep you going.

Best Restaurants in Sedona, AZ

You’ll find dozens of restaurants offering delicious cuisine throughout Sedona, Arizona. From casual eateries to fine dining establishments, there’s a little something for everyone. We’ve put together a shortlist of some of our favorite restaurants to help you out once you arrive. The taste of Sedona spans from classic American fare to Southwest-influenced dishes you don’t want to miss.